• High quality pictures (3Mpx)
  • 35 000x zoom, without quality loss
  • Generating automatic inspection reports
  • Function of working in resolution up to 100nm
  • Software fully prepared for the inspection of any kind of defects in the diagnosed electronic elements and their assembly
  • Revolutionary X-Plane®
  • Performing diagnostics for compatibility with IPC norms
  • Range of certification according to agreements with the client
  • Certified IPC specialists

MeterTest Sp. z o.o. offers services of PCB diagnostics for compatibility with IPC norms. We perform diagnostics in full IPC norms range or partial diagnostics commissioned by the customer. Having one of the best and the most precise machine for x-ray diagnostics – NORDSON DAGE XD7600NT, qualified engineering personnel is able to diagnose any kind of defects in the diagnosed electronic elements and their assembly. It is especially important in case of BGA systems, for which it is the only non-destructive and reliable way of quality analysis of the assembly.

Controlling the quality of the product is one of the most difficult tasks. The goal of every producer is to achieve the highest standards of his products, which will bring customer’s satisfaction, reduction of the production costs and growth of it’s efficiency. Components and technologies which cannot be verified by conventional methods are a barrier in achieving this goal. Inspection of the components such as: BGA, LGA, QFN, CSP, is impossible with the use of standard methods. Even with the use of x-ray inspection, some of the faults are not recognized. That is the cause for the PCB to be cut in order to verify the quality of it’s connection. Thanks to the use of revolutionary X-PLANE® technology, MeterTest Sp. z o.o. is able to perform such a diagnostic without the necessity of damaging the PCB. This technology allows for generating 2D cross-sections of the chosen element and a diagnostic of every single layer. Thanks to the use of NORDSON DAGE XD7600NT, the quality of generated image is very good, which also gives a possibility of detecting even the smallest faults. Identification of defects such as: „head on pillow”, „head in pillow”, „open joints”, „cracks”, allows to verify the correctness of the technology process preparation, which has an effect for the final product’s quality.

The x-ray inspection allows to efficiently detect mistakes and defects of PCB, but that is not the end of it’s advantages, because it allows to determine when and where an error occurred. The analysis of voids and the connections, allows to verify the correctness of the process (profile of the oven, screen printing design, quality of solder paste). Identification of error in the process allows for it’s improvement and elimination, which impacts the quality of all products and lowers the production costs. The analysis also has a positive effect on stability and repeatability of the process which is very important in production of advanced electronics .

In order to provide high-quality service, the diagnostic reports executed by certified specialists, consist of detailed problem analysis, which points out the potential causes of defects and suggests preventive actions.


  • AXIS image stabilization system
  • 35 000x zoom
  • 3Mpx matrix (1940×1530)
  • 100nm possible resolution
  • High angle of sight – up to 70° without quality loss
  • X-PLANE® system which shows 2D cross-sections without the need to cut the board
  • Certified IPC specialists
  • Advisory in terms of production proces
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